[PATCH 2/2] dt-bindings: pinctrl: qcom: consolidate functions

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Functions are consolidated in SM4450 tlmm driver, also consolidate these
functions in SM4450 tlmm binding file.

Signed-off-by: Tengfei Fan <quic_tengfan@xxxxxxxxxxx>
 .../bindings/pinctrl/qcom,sm4450-tlmm.yaml    | 51 +++++++------------
 1 file changed, 17 insertions(+), 34 deletions(-)

diff --git a/Documentation/devicetree/bindings/pinctrl/qcom,sm4450-tlmm.yaml b/Documentation/devicetree/bindings/pinctrl/qcom,sm4450-tlmm.yaml
index bb675c8ec220..449fe442d3b2 100644
--- a/Documentation/devicetree/bindings/pinctrl/qcom,sm4450-tlmm.yaml
+++ b/Documentation/devicetree/bindings/pinctrl/qcom,sm4450-tlmm.yaml
@@ -72,40 +72,23 @@ $defs:
           Specify the alternative function to be configured for the specified
-        enum: [ gpio, atest_char, atest_char0, atest_char1, atest_char2,
-                atest_char3, atest_usb0, atest_usb00, atest_usb01, atest_usb02,
-                atest_usb03, audio_ref, cam_mclk, cci_async, cci_i2c,
-                cci_timer0, cci_timer1, cci_timer2, cci_timer3, cci_timer4,
-                cmu_rng0, cmu_rng1, cmu_rng2, cmu_rng3, coex_uart1, cri_trng,
-                cri_trng0, cri_trng1, dbg_out, ddr_bist, ddr_pxi0, ddr_pxi1,
-                dp0_hot, gcc_gp1, gcc_gp2, gcc_gp3, host2wlan_sol, ibi_i3c,
-                jitter_bist, mdp_vsync, mdp_vsync0, mdp_vsync1, mdp_vsync2,
-                mdp_vsync3, mi2s0_data0, mi2s0_data1, mi2s0_sck, mi2s0_ws,
-                mi2s2_data0, mi2s2_data1, mi2s2_sck, mi2s2_ws, mi2s_mclk0,
-                mi2s_mclk1, nav_gpio0, nav_gpio1, nav_gpio2, pcie0_clk,
-                phase_flag0, phase_flag1, phase_flag10, phase_flag11,
-                phase_flag12, phase_flag13, phase_flag14, phase_flag15,
-                phase_flag16, phase_flag17, phase_flag18, phase_flag19,
-                phase_flag2, phase_flag20, phase_flag21, phase_flag22,
-                phase_flag23, phase_flag24, phase_flag25, phase_flag26,
-                phase_flag27, phase_flag28, phase_flag29, phase_flag3,
-                phase_flag30, phase_flag31, phase_flag4, phase_flag5,
-                phase_flag6, phase_flag7, phase_flag8, phase_flag9,
-                pll_bist, pll_clk, prng_rosc0, prng_rosc1, prng_rosc2,
-                prng_rosc3, qdss_cti, qdss_gpio, qdss_gpio0, qdss_gpio1,
-                qdss_gpio10, qdss_gpio11, qdss_gpio12, qdss_gpio13, qdss_gpio14,
-                qdss_gpio15, qdss_gpio2, qdss_gpio3, qdss_gpio4, qdss_gpio5,
-                qdss_gpio6, qdss_gpio7, qdss_gpio8, qdss_gpio9, qlink0_enable,
-                qlink0_request, qlink0_wmss, qlink1_enable, qlink1_request,
-                qlink1_wmss, qlink2_enable, qlink2_request, qlink2_wmss,
-                qup0_se0, qup0_se1, qup0_se2, qup0_se3, qup0_se4, qup0_se5,
-                qup0_se6, qup0_se7, qup1_se0, qup1_se1, qup1_se2, qup1_se3,
-                qup1_se4, qup1_se5, qup1_se6, sd_write, tb_trig, tgu_ch0,
-                tgu_ch1, tgu_ch2, tgu_ch3, tmess_prng0, tmess_prng1,
-                tmess_prng2, tmess_prng3, tsense_pwm1, tsense_pwm2, uim0_clk,
-                uim0_data, uim0_present, uim0_reset, uim1_clk, uim1_data,
-                uim1_present, uim1_reset, usb0_hs, usb0_phy, vfr_0, vfr_1,
-                vsense_trigger ]
+        enum: [ gpio, atest_char, atest_usb0, audio_ref_clk, cam_mclk,
+                cci_async_in0, cci_i2c, cci, cmu_rng, coex_uart1_rx,
+                coex_uart1_tx, cri_trng, dbg_out_clk, ddr_bist,
+                ddr_pxi0_test, ddr_pxi1_test, gcc_gp1_clk, gcc_gp2_clk,
+                gcc_gp3_clk, host2wlan_sol, ibi_i3c_qup0, ibi_i3c_qup1,
+                jitter_bist_ref, mdp_vsync0_out, mdp_vsync1_out,
+                mdp_vsync2_out, mdp_vsync3_out, mdp_vsync, nav,
+                pcie0_clk_req, phase_flag, pll_bist_sync, pll_clk_aux,
+                prng_rosc, qdss_cti_trig0, qdss_cti_trig1,  qdss_gpio,
+                qlink0_enable, qlink0_request, qlink0_wmss_reset,
+                qup0_se0, qup0_se1, qup0_se2, qup0_se3, qup0_se4,
+                qup1_se0, qup1_se1, qup1_se2, qup1_se2_l2, qup1_se3,
+                qup1_se4, sd_write_protect, tb_trig_sdc1, tb_trig_sdc2,
+                tgu_ch0_trigout, tgu_ch1_trigout, tgu_ch2_trigout,
+                tgu_ch3_trigout, tmess_prng, tsense_pwm1_out,
+                tsense_pwm2_out, uim0, uim1, usb0_hs_ac, usb0_phy_ps,
+                vfr_0_mira, vfr_0_mirb, vfr_1, vsense_trigger_mirnat ]
           - pins

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