Re: [PATCH v4 0/6] reset: gpio: ASoC: shared GPIO resets

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On 24/01/24 03:13, Krzysztof Kozlowski wrote:
> Hi,
> Patch #2 (cpufreq: do not open-code of_phandle_args_equal()) and patch #4
> (reset: Instantiate reset GPIO controller for shared reset-gpios) depend on OF
> change (patch #1).
> Changes in v4
> =============
> 1. New patches:
>     of: add of_phandle_args_equal() helper
>     cpufreq: do not open-code of_phandle_args_equal()
> 2. reset-gpio.c:
>     - Drop unneeded comment (Bartosz), add Rb tag.
>     - Do not assign of_node.
> 3. reset/core.c:
>     - Implement most of Bartosz feedback (I responded to one which I did not
>       implement) and comments from Philipp.
>     - Expect either rcdev->of_args or rcdev->of_node.
>     - Drop __reset_gpios_args_match() and use common helper (Philipp).
>     - Move declarations of automatic-cleanup variables in
>       __reset_add_reset_gpio_lookup() to place of use (Bartosz).
>     - Separate gpio_device_get_label() and kstrdup() (Philipp).
>     - Correct doc for __reset_add_reset_gpio_device(), rewrite few comments.
>     - Drop unneeded "r" variable in __reset_find_rcdev() (Philipp).
>     - Drop of_phandle_args initialization in __of_reset_control_get (Philipp).
>     - Check if CONFIG_RESET_GPIO is enabled before trying to look up reset-gpios.
> 4. Drop Chris' patch: "i2c: muxes: pca954x: Allow sharing reset GPIO", because
>     discussion is on going.

I actually think it would have been OK as-is with your latest change to 
return NULL when CONFIG_RESET_GPIO is not enabled. But I'm happy to 
submit it independently after this series lands. It'll give me a chance 
to do a bit more testing.

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