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<+How a kernel client driver can register region with minidump
<+Client driver can use ``qcom_minidump_region_register`` API's to register
<+and ``qcom_minidump_region_unregister`` to unregister their region from
<+minidump driver.
<+Client needs to fill their region by filling ``qcom_minidump_region``
<+structure object which consists of the region name, region's virtual
<+and physical address and its size.

Hi, Mukesh, wish you a good holiday :)

I have the following idea, please help me to assess whether this can be
implemented or not. As we all know, most of the kernel objects are
allocated by the slab sub-system.I wonder if we can dump all memory
keeped by the slab sub-system? If so,  we got most of the kernel objects
which will be helpful to fix problems when we run with system issues.

How can we do this? From the description above, I think we should
register one region for each slab,  for each slab will have some pages,
and the memory between each slab is non-continuous. As we all
know, there are millions of slabs in the system, so if we dump slabs
in this way, it will introduce a heavy overhead.

I am not very familiar with qualcomm minidump, maybe my thought
is wrong. Looking forward to your reply!

Best Regards

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