Re: [PATCH v5 3/4] pinctrl: qcom: sm4450: Convert to platform remove callback returning void

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在 11/30/2023 6:36 PM, Konrad Dybcio 写道:
On 30.11.2023 03:40, Tengfei Fan wrote:
Use .remove_new() instead of .remove() for converting to platform remove
callback returning void.

Signed-off-by: Tengfei Fan <quic_tengfan@xxxxxxxxxxx>
You misunderstood me, this series now introduces a driver with known
issues and patches them up right away in subsequent changes.

What you should do in such situations is squash the fixups into the
newly added driver (e.g. by running git rebase -i baseofyourtree and
changing 'pick' to 'f' (for 'fixup') on the last two patches).


I understand what you meain, I should combine these two fix patches and the driver patch into a complete patch.

Thx and BRs,
Tengfei Fan

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