Re: [PATCH 0/4] thermal: Introduce Qualcomm Thermal Mitigation Device support

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On 29/09/2023 18:17, Konrad Dybcio wrote:
> On 29.09.2023 18:16, Caleb Connolly wrote:
>> The Thermal Mitigation Device (TMD) Service is a QMI service that runs
>> on remote subsystems (the modem and DSPs) on Qualcomm SoCs.
>> It exposes various mitigations including passive thermal controls and
>> rail voltage restrictions.
>> This series introduces support for exposing TMDs as cooling devices
>> in the kernel through the thermal framework, using the QMI interface.
>> Each TMD client is described as a child of the remoteproc node in
>> devicetree. With subnodes for each control.
>> This series is based on previous work by Bhupesh Sharma which can be
>> found at [1]. I'm sending this as a fresh series as it has been a
>> year since the original version and I have rewritten most of the driver.
> Since you're adding support for funky hw, it would be appreciated
> if you also linked to a tree that has the dt bits hooked up, the
> schema example may not tell the whole story

For sure, you can find a patch with a reference DTS part here
> Konrad

// Caleb (they/them)

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