Re: [PATCH 2/3] arm64: dts: qcom: sc7280: Add Camera Control Interface busses

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On 29/09/2023 16:25, Konrad Dybcio wrote:
Not actually a required clock for the clock controller.

I suspect the same is true for dispcc and videocc though it would also mean the respective drivers would need to switch on <&gcc DISPx_CAMERA_AHB_CLK> or <&gcc GCC_VIDEO_AHB_CLK> prior to accessing registers inside the ip blocks which may not currently be the case.

Feels like a bit of a contrary answer but my reading is the GCC_IPBLOCK_AHB_CLK clocks belong in the drivers not the clock controllers..  or at least that's true for sm8250/camcc
I believe the idea here would be that registering GCC_IP_AHB_CLK
as a pm_clk for the clock controller would make that clock turn
on when IPBLOCK_CC is accessed (e.g. when we turn on
IPBLOCK_CORE_CLK), so that it doesn't need to be duplicated in
each and every end device.


Yeah I mean I accept the logic - the core AHB clock is effectively gated by the ipblockcc even though they originate from different places in hardware - and _when_ do you want one clock without the other ? Never except at probe() time for the ipblockcc.

Then again if you can show the clock dependency tree of camera or disp requires GCC_IP_AHB_CLK you could make the argument the dt requires the clock dependency defined in that block.

I'd say we should offline this from Luca's patches tho :) for me anyway the first two are fine.

Agree #3 is verboten. No new empty nodes.


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