Re: [PATCH v2 0/4] arm64: dts: qcom: qrb5165-rb5: enable DP support

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On Thu, 17 Aug 2023 17:59:36 +0300, Dmitry Baryshkov wrote:
> Implement DisplayPort support for the Qualcomm RB5 platform.
> Note: while testing this, I had link training issues with several
> dongles with DP connectors. Other DisplayPort-USB-C dongles (with HDMI
> or VGA connectors) work perfectly.
> Dependencies: [1]
> Soft-dependencies: [2], [3]
> [...]

Applied, thanks!

[1/4] arm64: dts: qcom: sm8250: Add DisplayPort device node
      commit: 956aa24b16350a50d3a6beb9237bc35aa2f447d6
[2/4] arm64: dts: qcom: qrb5165-rb5: add onboard USB-C redriver
      commit: d342e1c993bd7589cad9d2da099c6a9c652ecb9f
[3/4] arm64: dts: qcom: qrb5165-rb5: enable displayport controller
      commit: 96387ee7534dc449be35a9bb98b7668da2bed545
[4/4] arm64: dts: qcom: qrb5165-rb5: enable DP altmode
      commit: b3dea914127e9065df003002ed13a2ef40d19877

Best regards,
Bjorn Andersson <andersson@xxxxxxxxxx>

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