Re: [PATCH V2 6/7] arm64: dts: qcom: ipq9574: Add support for nsscc node

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On 13/09/2023 10:23, Geert Uytterhoeven wrote:
>>> +                       clock-names = "nssnoc_nsscc", "nssnoc_snoc", "nssnoc_snoc_1",
>>> +                                     "bias_pll_cc_clk", "bias_pll_nss_noc_clk",
>>> +                                     "bias_pll_ubi_nc_clk", "gpll0_out_aux", "uniphy0_nss_rx_clk",
>>> +                                     "uniphy0_nss_tx_clk", "uniphy1_nss_rx_clk",
>>> +                                     "uniphy1_nss_tx_clk", "uniphy2_nss_rx_clk",
>>> +                                     "uniphy2_nss_tx_clk", "xo_board_clk";
>> You are using clock indices. Please drop clock-names.
> What do you mean by "using clock indices"?
> Note that the "clock-names" property is required according to the DT bindings.

Indeed, thanks for pointing this out. Probably bindings should be changed.

Best regards,

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