Re: [PATCH v1 4/4] clk: qcom: lpasscc-sc7280: Remove qdsp6ss clock registration

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Quoting Mohammad Rafi Shaik (2023-03-29 02:24:43)
> The main issue with sc7280.dtsi file.
> Required to upstream remoteproc_adsp node for audioreach adsp based 
> solution.
> The base address for remoteproc_adsp dts node is 0x3000000.
> Please refer below link audioreach dts patch:
> remoteproc_adsp: remoteproc@3000000 {
>              compatible = "qcom,sc7280-adsp-pil";
>              reg = <0 0x03000000 0 0x5000>, <0 0x0355b000 0 0x10>;
>              reg-names = "qdsp6ss_base", "lpass_efuse";
> and in sc7280.dtsi lpasscc node base address also same.
> lpasscc: lpasscc@3000000 {
>              compatible = "qcom,sc7280-lpasscc";
>              reg = <0 0x03000000 0 0x40>,
>                        <0 0x03c04000 0 0x4>,
> In single dtsi file should not have same physical address node.
> Required to sort the nodes based on physical address.

Yes the same address shouldn't be used twice, but it still compiles,
right? The node name is different, remoteproc vs. clock-controller, so
it should work for the interim while the qcom,sc7280-lpasscc-2 binding
is written that only has one reg property.

I'm suggesting you don't change the existing binding. Instead, deprecate
the compatible and add a new compatible for the binding that omits the
second reg property. Then the driver patch can work with old and new dts

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