Re: - DMA suffers excessive delay periodically

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Lee Revell wrote:

John wrote:

Would someone know how to disable SMM in this BIOS?

There's no generic way.

I understand. Would someone know how to disable SMM in the VIA Pro133T chipset (VT82C596B south bridge). What I/O ports do I need to write to, and what values should I write to these ports?

Try disabling USB keyboard emulation and any unused peripherals.

I have disabled everything I could find in the BIOS. Serial and parallel ports, USB, integrated sound, APM, ACPI, booting from exotic hardware or from the network. To no avail :-(

Also google "RTAI disable SMM".

I see that they have a Linux kernel module to disable SMM in Intel chipsets. But I didn't see the equivalent for VIA chipsets.

Is this a laptop?  They are plagued with SMM problems...

No it is an "indutrial" motherboard.
Although I don't know what makes it "industrial".

One would really hope that such a device would be designed for machine
control and similar RT apps and thus free of SMM...


I wonder if VIA thinks their old chipsets were industrial-grade.

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