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I'm from Stip, Macedonia also 53 years old.

I am software developer, now in windows I use 'Soft Velocity Clarion'.

Now I'm using the  SUSE 10.02 for a two or three month. I'm absolute
beginner with Linux. Looking forward to learning all I can about Linux
and learn more of the things I don't know.

I plan to make same open code software like invoice, or something for
management restaurants and hotels, some software for small business etc.
I like to help Linux community.

I have one question.

I wrote some workbook on Serbian ( my native language) about installing
Linux on dual boot PC. And I looking for some application for Screen
Grabber on Linux, to put some pictures in workbook. Do You know
something about this?

I use VMWare virtual machine, and have install Ubuntu Linux, Windows XP
and prepare to install some other Linux distributions (first I must
download it...).

P.S. forgive my poor English !!!

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