Re: [PATCH 19/21] scsi: sd: Add WRITE_ATOMIC_16 support

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On 10/2/23 04:36, John Garry wrote:
On 29/09/2023 18:59, Bart Van Assche wrote:
On 9/29/23 03:27, John Garry wrote:
+static blk_status_t sd_setup_atomic_cmnd(struct scsi_cmnd *cmd,
+                    sector_t lba, unsigned int nr_blocks,
+                    unsigned char flags)
+    cmd->cmd_len  = 16;
+    cmd->cmnd[0]  = WRITE_ATOMIC_16;
+    cmd->cmnd[1]  = flags;
+    put_unaligned_be64(lba, &cmd->cmnd[2]);
+    cmd->cmnd[10] = 0;
+    cmd->cmnd[11] = 0;
+    put_unaligned_be16(nr_blocks, &cmd->cmnd[12]);
+    cmd->cmnd[14] = 0;
+    cmd->cmnd[15] = 0;
+    return BLK_STS_OK;

Please store the 'dld' value in the GROUP NUMBER field. See e.g.

Are you sure that WRITE ATOMIC (16) supports dld?

Hi John,

I was assuming that DLD would be supported by the WRITE ATOMIC(16) command. After having taken another look at the latest SBC-5 draft I see that the DLD2/DLD1/DLD0 bits are not present in the WRITE ATOMIC(16) command. So please ignore my comment above.



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