[PATCH v15 00/11] LSM: Three basic syscalls

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Add three system calls for the Linux Security Module ABI.

lsm_get_self_attr() provides the security module specific attributes
that have previously been visible in the /proc/self/attr directory.
For each security module that uses the specified attribute on the
current process the system call will return an LSM identifier and
the value of the attribute. The LSM and attribute identifier values
are defined in include/uapi/linux/lsm.h

LSM identifiers are simple integers and reflect the order in which
the LSM was added to the mainline kernel. This is a convention, not
a promise of the API. LSM identifiers below the value of 100 are
reserved for unspecified future uses. That could include information
about the security infrastructure itself, or about how multiple LSMs
might interact with each other.

A new LSM hook security_getselfattr() is introduced to get the
required information from the security modules. This is similar
to the existing security_getprocattr() hook, but specifies the
format in which string data is returned and requires the module
to put the information into a userspace destination.

lsm_set_self_attr() changes the specified LSM attribute. Only one
attribute can be changed at a time, and then only if the specified
security module allows the change.

A new LSM hook security_setselfattr() is introduced to set the
required information in the security modules. This is similar
to the existing security_setprocattr() hook, but specifies the
format in which string data is presented and requires the module
to get the information from a userspace destination.

lsm_list_modules() provides the LSM identifiers, in order, of the
security modules that are active on the system. This has been
available in the securityfs file /sys/kernel/security/lsm.

Patch 0001 changes the LSM registration from passing the name
of the module to passing a lsm_id structure that contains the
name of the module, an LSM identifier number and an attribute
Patch 0002 adds the registered lsm_ids to a table.
Patch 0003 changes security_[gs]etprocattr() to use LSM IDs instead
of LSM names.
Patch 0004 implements lsm_get_self_attr() and lsm_set_self_attr().
New LSM hooks security_getselfattr() and security_setselfattr() are
Patch 0005 implements lsm_list_modules().
Patch 0006 wires up the syscalls.
Patch 0007 implements helper functions to make it easier for
security modules to use lsm_ctx structures.
Patch 0008 provides the Smack implementation for [gs]etselfattr().
Patch 0009 provides the AppArmor implementation for [gs]etselfattr().
Patch 0010 provides the SELinux implementation for [gs]etselfattr().
Patch 0011 implements selftests for the three new syscalls.


v15: Rebased on 6.6-rc1.
     Adopt suggested improvements to security_getprocattr,
     making the code easier to read.
     Squash a code fix from 0011 to 0004.
v14: Make the handling of LSM_FLAG_SINGLE easier to understand.
     Tighten the comments and documentation.
     Better use of const, static, and __ro_after_init.
     Add selftests for LSM_FLAG_SINGLE cases.
v13: Change the setselfattr code to do a single user copy.
     Make the self tests more robust.
     Improve use of const.
     Change syscall numbers to reflect upstream additions.
v12: Repair a registration time overflow check.
v11: Remove redundent alignment code
     Improve a few comments.
     Use LSM_ATTR_UNDEF in place of 0 in a few places.
     Correct a return of -EINVAL to -E2BIG.
v10: Correct use of __user.
     Improve a few comments.
     Revert unnecessary changes in module initialization.
v9: Support a flag LSM_FLAG_SINGLE in lsm_get_self_attr() that
    instructs the call to provide only the attribute for the LSM
    identified in the referenced lsm_ctx structure.
    Fix a typing error.
    Change some coding style.
v8: Allow an LSM to provide more than one instance of an attribute,
    even though none of the existing modules do so.
    Pad the data returned by lsm_get_self_attr() to the size of
    the struct lsm_ctx.
    Change some displeasing varilable names.
v7: Pass the attribute desired to lsm_[gs]et_self_attr in its own
    parameter rather than encoding it in the flags.
    Change the flags parameters to u32.
    Don't shortcut out of calling LSM specific code in the
    infrastructure, let the LSM report that doesn't support an
    attribute instead. With that it is not necessary to maintain
    a set of supported attributes in the lsm_id structure.
    Fix a typing error.
v6: Switch from reusing security_[gs]procattr() to using new
    security_[gs]selfattr() hooks. Use explicit sized data types
    in the lsm_ctx structure.

v5: Correct syscall parameter data types.

v4: Restore "reserved" LSM ID values. Add explaination.
    Squash patches that introduce fields in lsm_id.
    Correct a wireup error.

v3: Add lsm_set_self_attr().
    Rename lsm_self_attr() to lsm_get_self_attr().
    Provide the values only for a specifed attribute in
    Add selftests for the three new syscalls.
    Correct some parameter checking.

v2: Use user-interface safe data types.
    Remove "reserved" LSM ID values.
    Improve kerneldoc comments
    Include copyright dates
    Use more descriptive name for LSM counter
    Add documentation
    Correct wireup errors

Casey Schaufler (11):
  LSM: Identify modules by more than name
  LSM: Maintain a table of LSM attribute data
  proc: Use lsmids instead of lsm names for attrs
  LSM: syscalls for current process attributes
  LSM: Create lsm_list_modules system call
  LSM: wireup Linux Security Module syscalls
  LSM: Helpers for attribute names and filling lsm_ctx
  Smack: implement setselfattr and getselfattr hooks
  AppArmor: Add selfattr hooks
  SELinux: Add selfattr hooks
  LSM: selftests for Linux Security Module syscalls

 Documentation/userspace-api/index.rst         |   1 +
 Documentation/userspace-api/lsm.rst           |  73 +++++
 MAINTAINERS                                   |   2 +
 arch/alpha/kernel/syscalls/syscall.tbl        |   3 +
 arch/arm/tools/syscall.tbl                    |   3 +
 arch/arm64/include/asm/unistd.h               |   2 +-
 arch/arm64/include/asm/unistd32.h             |   6 +
 arch/ia64/kernel/syscalls/syscall.tbl         |   3 +
 arch/m68k/kernel/syscalls/syscall.tbl         |   3 +
 arch/microblaze/kernel/syscalls/syscall.tbl   |   3 +
 arch/mips/kernel/syscalls/syscall_n32.tbl     |   3 +
 arch/mips/kernel/syscalls/syscall_n64.tbl     |   3 +
 arch/mips/kernel/syscalls/syscall_o32.tbl     |   3 +
 arch/parisc/kernel/syscalls/syscall.tbl       |   3 +
 arch/powerpc/kernel/syscalls/syscall.tbl      |   3 +
 arch/s390/kernel/syscalls/syscall.tbl         |   3 +
 arch/sh/kernel/syscalls/syscall.tbl           |   3 +
 arch/sparc/kernel/syscalls/syscall.tbl        |   3 +
 arch/x86/entry/syscalls/syscall_32.tbl        |   3 +
 arch/x86/entry/syscalls/syscall_64.tbl        |   3 +
 arch/xtensa/kernel/syscalls/syscall.tbl       |   3 +
 fs/proc/base.c                                |  29 +-
 fs/proc/internal.h                            |   2 +-
 include/linux/lsm_hook_defs.h                 |   4 +
 include/linux/lsm_hooks.h                     |  17 +-
 include/linux/security.h                      |  46 ++-
 include/linux/syscalls.h                      |   6 +
 include/uapi/asm-generic/unistd.h             |   9 +-
 include/uapi/linux/lsm.h                      |  90 ++++++
 kernel/sys_ni.c                               |   3 +
 security/Makefile                             |   1 +
 security/apparmor/include/procattr.h          |   2 +-
 security/apparmor/lsm.c                       |  99 ++++++-
 security/apparmor/procattr.c                  |  10 +-
 security/bpf/hooks.c                          |   9 +-
 security/commoncap.c                          |   8 +-
 security/landlock/cred.c                      |   2 +-
 security/landlock/fs.c                        |   2 +-
 security/landlock/ptrace.c                    |   2 +-
 security/landlock/setup.c                     |   6 +
 security/landlock/setup.h                     |   1 +
 security/loadpin/loadpin.c                    |   9 +-
 security/lockdown/lockdown.c                  |   8 +-
 security/lsm_syscalls.c                       | 120 ++++++++
 security/safesetid/lsm.c                      |   9 +-
 security/security.c                           | 253 +++++++++++++++-
 security/selinux/hooks.c                      | 143 +++++++--
 security/smack/smack_lsm.c                    | 103 ++++++-
 security/tomoyo/tomoyo.c                      |   9 +-
 security/yama/yama_lsm.c                      |   8 +-
 .../arch/mips/entry/syscalls/syscall_n64.tbl  |   3 +
 .../arch/powerpc/entry/syscalls/syscall.tbl   |   3 +
 .../perf/arch/s390/entry/syscalls/syscall.tbl |   3 +
 .../arch/x86/entry/syscalls/syscall_64.tbl    |   3 +
 tools/testing/selftests/Makefile              |   1 +
 tools/testing/selftests/lsm/.gitignore        |   1 +
 tools/testing/selftests/lsm/Makefile          |  17 ++
 tools/testing/selftests/lsm/common.c          |  89 ++++++
 tools/testing/selftests/lsm/common.h          |  33 +++
 tools/testing/selftests/lsm/config            |   3 +
 .../selftests/lsm/lsm_get_self_attr_test.c    | 275 ++++++++++++++++++
 .../selftests/lsm/lsm_list_modules_test.c     | 140 +++++++++
 .../selftests/lsm/lsm_set_self_attr_test.c    |  74 +++++
 63 files changed, 1694 insertions(+), 93 deletions(-)
 create mode 100644 Documentation/userspace-api/lsm.rst
 create mode 100644 include/uapi/linux/lsm.h
 create mode 100644 security/lsm_syscalls.c
 create mode 100644 tools/testing/selftests/lsm/.gitignore
 create mode 100644 tools/testing/selftests/lsm/Makefile
 create mode 100644 tools/testing/selftests/lsm/common.c
 create mode 100644 tools/testing/selftests/lsm/common.h
 create mode 100644 tools/testing/selftests/lsm/config
 create mode 100644 tools/testing/selftests/lsm/lsm_get_self_attr_test.c
 create mode 100644 tools/testing/selftests/lsm/lsm_list_modules_test.c
 create mode 100644 tools/testing/selftests/lsm/lsm_set_self_attr_test.c


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