Re: [PATCH 0/3] Document impact of user namespaces and negative permissions

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> Von: "Alejandro Colomar" <alx@xxxxxxxxxx>
> Can you please provide a small shell session where this is exemplified?

Sure. I sent the following to the shadow maintainers privately on Friday,
but since the issue is already known for years I don't hesitate to share.

# On a Debian Bookworm
# So far no entries are installed.
$ cat /etc/subuid

# useradd automatically does so.
$ useradd -m rw
$ cat /etc/subuid

# Let's create a folder where the group "nogames" has no permissions.
$ mkdir /games
$ echo win > /games/game.txt
$ groupadd nogames
$ chown -R root:nogames /games
$ chmod 705 /games

# User "rw" must not play games
$ usermod -G nogames rw

# Works as expected
rw@localhost:~$ id
uid=1000(rw) gid=1000(rw) groups=1000(rw),1001(nogames)
rw@localhost:~$ cat /games/game.txt
cat: /games/game.txt: Permission denied

# By using unshare (which utilizes the newuidmap helper) we can get rid of the "nogames" group.
rw@localhost:~$ unshare -S 0 -G 0 --map-users=100000,0,65536 --map-groups=100000,0,65536 id
uid=0(root) gid=0(root) groups=0(root)

rw@localhost:~$ unshare -S 0 -G 0 --map-users=100000,0,65536 --map-groups=100000,0,65536 cat /games/game.txt


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