Re: [PATCH v9 23/42] Documentation/x86: Add CET shadow stack description

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On Wed, 2023-07-05 at 20:10 +0100, Mark Brown wrote:
> On Wed, Jul 05, 2023 at 06:45:38PM +0000, Edgecombe, Rick P wrote:
> > Looking at the docs Mark linked (thanks!), ARM has generic GCS PUSH
> > and
> > POP shadow stack instructions? Can ARM just push a restore token at
> > setjmp time, like I was trying to figure out earlier with a push
> > token
> > arch_prctl? It would be good to understand how ARM is going to
> > implement this with these differences in what is allowed by the HW.
> > If there are differences in how locked down/functional the hardware
> > implementations are, and if we want to have some unified set of
> > rules
> > for apps, there will need to some give and take. The x86 approach
> > was
> > mostly to not support all behaviors and ask apps to either change
> > or
> > not enable shadow stacks. We don't want one architecture to have to
> > do
> > a bunch of strange things, but we also don't want one to lose some
> > key
> > end user value.
> GCS is all or nothing, either the hardware supports GCS or it
> doesn't.
> There are finer grained hypervisor traps (see HFGxTR_EL2 in the
> system
> registers) but they aren't intended to be used to disable partial
> functionality and there's a strong chance we'd just disable the
> feature
> in the face of such usage.  The kernel does have the option to
> control
> which functionality is exposed to userspace, in particular we have
> separate controls for use of the GCS, the push/pop instructions and
> the
> store instructions (similarly to the control x86 has for WRSS).
> Similarly to the handling of WRSS in your series my patches allow
> userspace to choose which of these features are enabled.

Ah, interesting, thanks for the extra info. So which features is glibc
planning to use? (probably more of a question for Szabolcs). Are push
and pop controllable separately?

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