Re: [PATCH] fcntl.2: document F_UNLCK F_OFD_GETLK extension

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22.06.2023 17:03, Jeff Layton пишет:
We need to be pedantic for manpages. A "file description" is the
representation of the open file in the kernel (basically, the "struct
file" in the kernel). A file _descriptor_ is the numeric identifier
returned by open() and similar functions.


The locks are owned by the file description, so that would be the better
term to use here. I think you want something like:

"When the l_type is set to F_UNLCK, returned locks are limited to ones
set on the given file description.
This is also inaccurate, because "limited"
implies other operations act widely.
But actually other operations do not
consider the "same fd" at all. So the
reported sets by F_UNLCK and other
ops do not overlap. Which is why I
decided to describe it as a "special

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