Re: [PATCH 2/2] selftests: add OFD lock tests

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22.06.2023 16:48, Jeff Layton пишет:
I'm not opposed to adding a selftest here, but most filesystem testing
is done via xfstests:

It would be better to add this test to the existing generic/478 test
that tests OFD locks. Can you patch that to add a test for the new
I don't actually think its possible.
It seems like their script creates 2
t_ofd_locks processes, one for creating
the lock, one for testing it.
This is not our case.
To make it work our way, we'd probably
need to hack that test directly into
t_ofd_locks.c, so that it can set and test
from the same fd. And I don't know how
to even run these tests. :)
So I am really inclined to limit myself
with a kernel selftest.

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