Re: [PATCH v5 17/17] serial: 8250: Add 8250_acpi driver

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On Wed, May 01, 2024 at 05:47:42PM +0530, Sunil V L wrote:
> RISC-V has non-PNP generic 16550A compatible UART which needs to be
> enumerated as ACPI platform device. Add driver support for such devices
> similar to 8250_of.


> + * This driver is for generic 16550 compatible UART enumerated via ACPI
> + * platform bus instead of PNP bus like PNP0501. This is not a full

This has to be told in the commit message. Anyway, we don't need a duplication
code, please use 8250_pnp.


> +	{ "RSCV0003", 0 },

Does it have _CID to be PNP0501?
If not, add this ID to the 8250_pnp.


The code you submitted has a lot of small style issues, I can comment on them
if you want, but as I said this code is not needed at all.

With Best Regards,
Andy Shevchenko

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