[RFC PATCH 0/5] Enable EINJv2 Support

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This patch set intends to enable EINJv2 support. The goal of this
update is to allow the driver to simultaneously support EINJ and EINJv2.
The implementation follows a proposed ACPI specs(1)(2) that enables the
driver to discover system capabilities through GET_ERROR_TYPE.

Proposed ACPI spces:
(1) https://bugzilla.tianocore.org/show_bug.cgi?id=4615
(2) https://bugzilla.tianocore.org/attachment.cgi?id=1446

Zaid Alali (5):
  ACPI: APEI: EINJ: Enable the discovery of EINJv2 capabilities
  ACPI: APEI: EINJ: Add einjv2 extension struct
  ACPI: APEI: EINJ: Add debugfs files for EINJv2 support
  ACPI: APEI: EINJ: Enable EINJv2 error injections
  ACPI: APEI: EINJ: Update the documentation for EINJv2 support

 .../firmware-guide/acpi/apei/einj.rst         |  44 ++++-
 drivers/acpi/apei/einj.c                      | 178 ++++++++++++++++--
 include/acpi/actbl1.h                         |   1 +
 3 files changed, 204 insertions(+), 19 deletions(-)


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