RE: [PATCH] ACPI: APEI: EINJ: warn on invalid argument when explicitly indicated by platform

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>> I don't see how reporting -EBUSY for the "Unknown Failure" case is
>> actually better.
> Tony, did you misunderstand this patch?
> The original code report -EBUSY for both "Unknown Failure" and
> "Invalid Access" cases.

I mixed up what was already in the kernel with what the patch was changing.

> This patch intends to report -EINVAL for "Invalid Access" case
> and keeps reporting -EBUSY for "Unknown Failure" case unchanged.
> Although -EBUSY for "Unknown Failure" case is not a good choice.
> Will -EIO for "Unknown failure" case be better?

Is this for some real use case?

Do you have a BIOS EINJ implementation that is returning these different codes?

What will the user do differently if they see these different error strings?

  # echo 1 > error_inject
  ... different error messages here ...


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