Re: [PATCH] uacce: unmap remaining mmapping from user space

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Hi, Zaibo

On 2020/2/24 下午3:17, Xu Zaibo wrote:
  @@ -585,6 +595,13 @@ void uacce_remove(struct uacce_device *uacce)
          cdev_device_del(uacce->cdev, &uacce->dev);
      xa_erase(&uacce_xa, uacce->dev_id);
+    /*
+     * unmap remainning mapping from user space, preventing user still
+     * access the mmaped area while parent device is already removed
+     */
+    if (uacce->inode)
+        unmap_mapping_range(uacce->inode->i_mapping, 0, 0, 1);
Should we unmap them at the first of 'uacce_remove',  and before 'uacce_put_queue'?

We can do this,
Though it does not matter, since user space can not interrupt kernel function uacce_remove.


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