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On 10/16/2018 04:31 PM, Leroy Tennison wrote:
( is an arbitrary replacement but doesn't affect the basic issue) What is causing this? The systems in question have only one interface per subnet but both systems have multiple NICs which are on the same subnets. What I mean is this: on both systems NIC1 connects to subnet 1, NIC2 to subnet 2 and so on for five NICs and different subnets. The subnets do have different IP ranges (no overlap). does happen to be on the same system as but it doesn't have the same mac address and it is a physical interface.

I can't tell for sure. Are the NICs connected to the same L2 network segment / broadcast domain?

This almost sounds as if NIC1 is responding to ARP requests for NIC{2..5}.

Address        HWType   HWAddress           Flags   Mask   Iface   ether    bc:30:5b:a6:c4:bf   C              eth9        ether    bc:30:5b:a6:c4:bf   C              eth9

Unfortunately this doesn't clearly indicate if the NICs are using the same L2 network segment / broadcast domain or not.

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