understand the source address selection in case when reply is sent out via another interface

Linux Advanced Routing and Traffic Control

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I have a server with two networks interfaces: eth0(IPv4 address and eth1(IPv4 address In addition, there
is a following static route in this server "main" table:

# ip route show via dev eth1   src

Now when I send an ICMP "echo request" message from
network to IP address, then it is sent out via eth1
interface because of this static route. According to "ip route get" the source IP should be However, when I
tcpdump ICMP traffic on eth1 interface, then I can see that source IP
is actually Why is that so? When I read the
http://linux-ip.net/html/routing-saddr-selection.html, then it says
that "kernel will use the src hint from the chosen route path" which
in this case is Or is the first rule that if it is a
reply package, then source IP is always the one which initial package
was addressed to?

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