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Hello LARTC guys,

I am working on an OSS Python wrapper library intended to help with expressing a traffic control structure as a tree of Python objects. This structure should later be able to represent itself as a series of tc commands. (Your suggestions for getting this thing useful would be invaluable.)

I have questions, inevitably. Currently heaviest part seems to be the issue of classifying a set of tcp or udp ports to get shaped under a common rate limit. (I need to later simulate packet loss for flows on these ports, but first things first.)

Can you help me get on the right direction here? Using u32 seems daunting for this particular case. Is there another way to do the match?

I've read the relevant parts of the LARTC HowTo and couple more documents but still cannot get it right.

Any help would be much appreciated!
Thanks in advance,
Yassen D.


Yassen Damyanov
M: +359-888-665-235
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