Multipath routing over mutiple vpn connections.

Linux Advanced Routing and Traffic Control

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Hi all,

>From the following website:

I find the following intersting things:

4.2. Routing for multiple uplinks/providers

And at the end of the above webpage, it also say the following things:

Note that balancing will not be perfect, as it is route based, and
routes are cached. This means that routes to often-used sites will
always be over the same provider.

Furthermore, if you really want to do this, you probably also want to
look at Julian Anastasov's patches at ,
Julian's route patch page. They will make things nicer to work with.

For my case, I have one ethernet connection to internet, i.e. eth0,
and I have serveral vpn connections connected to differert vpn servers
of the free vpngate's vpn servers simultaneously.  Of course, all of
these vpn connections are connected through the physical interface,

In this case, if I want to do multipath routing among these vpn
connections for load-balancing, it's possiable for me to use the
patches given by Julian Anastasov firstly and then setting the
multipath routing based on the instructions of this website:

Hongyi Zhao <hongyi.zhao@xxxxxxxxx>
Xinjiang Technical Institute of Physics and Chemistry
Chinese Academy of Sciences
GnuPG DSA: 0xD108493
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