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Linux Advanced Routing and Traffic Control

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Fellow netheads:

On behalf of rgb, yours truly is sending out the weekly announcement.

This conference is turning out to be _the best ever_ Linux networking
content put together under one roof. You will be committing a netdev
crime if you dont show up!
Please spread the news. Forward this email appropriately.

First things first.

A reminder that the Westin Hotel is still holding a block of rooms for
Netdev01 at a guaranteed rate of $159.00 or $179.00 (depending on the type of room required) and there are still rooms available.
That guarantee expires on January 23, so please dont procastinate
and book now. The rates *WILL* go up.

Please register soon to help us plan this event better.
$100/day, or $350 for 4 days (Cdn dollars, reel cheep).
(online reg closes Feb 12th). Again:
Registering helps us plan properly for numbers of attendees,
ensuring venue sizes and supplies are appropriate without
wasting resources.

NetDev 0.1 would like to gratefully acknowledge our sponsors:
Cumulus Networks
Mojatatu Networks

There are a few more talks and tutorials and BOFs/workshops
in the pipeline (we will close acceptance at the end of the week,
so if you want to submit, please do it NOW).

Here is an update on new proposals accepted this past week for NetDev
0.1 that you may have missed if you aren't following the RSS feed or

New Sponsors (All listed at:
Qualcomm - Without sponsors like Qualcomm netdev 0.1 couldnt have
have happened. Thanks Qualcomm for your support of the open source
Google - Google is a giant in the open source world. We thank them
for their sponsorship.

Accepted talks: (All listed: )
1) Breaking Open Linux Switching Drivers by Andy Gospodarek
Andy will talk about taking an evolutionary path of a compromise
to integrate between vendor SDKs and the Linux kernel for hardware
offload. Graphics cards all over again? Come and find out.

2) Weighing Three Methods of Scaling UDP Applications by Alan Dekok
Alan, the maintainer of FreeRadius, has had to battle UDP for years.
In this talk he will describe his experiences on 3 different approaches
he has recently taken to try and scale UDP applications on Linux

3) TC Classifier Action Subsystem by Jamal Hadi Salim
Jamal will describe the tc classifier-action subsystem in details (A decade too late?). He claims to be inspired by two talks at netdev01
which refer to this subsystem. He also claims it is a better
architecture than OF and P4. Come beat up on him.

4) MLAG (or Multi-Chassis Link aggregation Group) integration with Linux by Matty Kadosh
Mellanox MLAG implementation at
will be discussed in this talk. Matty will talk about experiences and
will try to convince us that it is time to mainstream MLAG.

5) MLAG on Linux - Lessons Learned by Scott Emery
Cumulus Networks has extensive MLAG deployment on Linux using hardware offloads on high speed hardware.
They have had to battle dragons in many dungeons and slay
many monsters along the way. Come hear all that experience in one talk.

Accepted Tutorials (All listed: )
1)Hardware Accelerating Linux Network Functions by
 Roopa Prabhu and Toshiaki Makita

Everything you ever wanted to know about using Linux bridging
variations for virtualization, data centre & enterprise, L3, ACLs and more. How well do you know how to use bridge/brctl/ip/ethtool and
their friends to setup a desired network(bridge, SRIOV, Macvlan etc)?
Roopa and Toshiaki will try to guide you through this vast ocean of knowledge. You will get to learn about how to learn the theory
and practise and beauty of using these toolsets consistently
whether on a NIC, offloaded-NIC or multi-terabit capacity switch

More coming in future updates.
If youve got this far reading - please go and register.

jamal (on behalf of Richard Guy Briggs)
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