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Linux Advanced Routing and Traffic Control

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Akshat Kakkar wrote:
I am having a linux system with 4 nics (eth0-3) which is acting as a
router. I want to give my user a fix bandwidth of 2mbps upload and
2mbps download. His traffic can come from eth0 or eth1 and it can go
out from eth2 or eth3 (depending on services he want to access). So
for this, I require tc to be working on "eth2 and eth3" as single
entity (for upload traffic); and "eth0 and eth1" as single entity (for
download traffic). I want to use egress control and not ingress (using
IMQ, etc.)

What are options available to achieve this?

Use 2 ifbs for tc and direct to one from eth0/1 and the other eth2/3.

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