Changing default qdisc from pfifo to sfq

Linux Advanced Routing and Traffic Control

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If I want to define classes more than 64k (i.e. ffff), I need to use
class hierarchy  or nested classes.
But, if I want to give each one of them SFQ then I can't do that, as
then I will have to define separate qdisc for each one of them and
each SFQ will require to be given a handle starting from  1: and
ending at fffe: i.e. only 64K and not more then that. For classes not
having SFQ (as the number is exhausted), the qdisc remains as SFQ.

So in a way, each leaf class gets a queue for sure but not SFQ.

Is there a way, to make SFQ as the default qdisc so that we don't have
to specify it separately and hence will never run short of them?

I apologise if I have confused the things.

Thanks in anticipation.
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