Re: 2024 HEKI discussion: LPC microconf / KVM Forum?

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On Wed, May 01, 2024, James Morris wrote:
> Hi Folks,
> We are planning our travel & conference submissions and I'm wondering if 
> there is likely to be an LPC KVM microconf again this year.

There is, thanks for the reminder to send out an announcement[1]!  :-)

> And if so, what would be the best option for proposing an update on the HEKI
> (hypervisor enforced kernel integrity) project?
> We'd like to demonstrate where we're at with the project and discuss next 
> steps with the community, in terms of both core kernel changes and the 
> KVM-specific project work.

Proposals/abstracts can be submitted via the web portal.  Though to be perfectly
honest, for where HEKI is at from an upstream KVM perspective, and especially if
you want to provide an update, then I think KVM Forum[2] would be a better fit.
(I haven't seen an official announcment/CFP for KVM Forum, but the web site is
live, so I assume it's a done deal).

The most contentious aspects of HEKI are the guest changes, not the KVM changes.
The KVM uAPI and guest ABI will require some discussion, but I don't anticipate
those being truly hard problems to solve.  And if you really want to get HEKI
moving, I would advise you not wait until September to hash out the KVM side of
things, e.g. I'd be more than happy to talk about HEKI in a PUCK[3] session.


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