Re: [PATCH v2 00/10] s390: PG_arch_1+folio cleanups for uv+hugetlb

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On 12.04.24 16:21, David Hildenbrand wrote:
This is v2 of [1] with changed subject:
  "[PATCH v1 0/5] s390: page_mapcount(), page_has_private() and PG_arch_1"

Rebased on s390x/features which contains the page_mapcount() and
page_has_private() cleanups, and some PG_arch_1 cleanups from Willy. To
compensate, I added some more cleanups ;)

One "easy" fix upfront. Another issue I spotted is documented in [1].

Once this hits upstream, we can remove HAVE_ARCH_MAKE_PAGE_ACCESSIBLE
from core-mm and s390x, so only the folio variant will remain.



David / dhildenb

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