Re: [PATCH 00/18] KVM: selftests: Clean up x86's DT initialization

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On Thu, 14 Mar 2024 16:26:19 -0700, Sean Christopherson wrote:
> The vast majority of this series is x86 specific, and aims to clean up the
> core library's handling of descriptor tables and segments.  Currently, the
> library (a) waits until vCPUs are created to allocate per-VM assets, and
> (b) forces tests to opt-in to allocate the structures needed to handler
> exceptions, which has result in some rather odd tests, and makes it
> unnecessarily difficult to debug unexpected exceptions.
> [...]

Applied to kvm-x86 selftests_utils (I had already pushed stuff to "selftests",
so the name is less than awesome).

Other KVM maintainers, I also created tags/kvm-x86-selftests-utils if you want
to pull this into your tree to avoid later merge conflicts with the
kvm_util_base.h => kvm_util.h rename.  I don't expect to push anything else to
the branch, but never say never. 

Note, this branch+tag also has the _GNU_SOURCE change, and the global pseudo-RNG
series ("thank yous" incoming), i.e. it's hopefuly a one stop shop for all your
6.10 selftests needs!

[01/18] Revert "kvm: selftests: move base kvm_util.h declarations to kvm_util_base.h"
[02/18] KVM: sefltests: Add kvm_util_types.h to hold common types, e.g. vm_vaddr_t
[03/18] KVM: selftests: Move GDT, IDT, and TSS fields to x86's kvm_vm_arch
[04/18] KVM: selftests: Fix off-by-one initialization of GDT limit
[05/18] KVM: selftests: Move platform_info_test's main assert into guest code
[06/18] KVM: selftests: Rework platform_info_test to actually verify #GP
[07/18] KVM: selftests: Explicitly clobber the IDT in the "delete memslot" testcase
[08/18] KVM: selftests: Move x86's descriptor table helpers "up" in processor.c
[09/18] KVM: selftests: Rename x86's vcpu_setup() to vcpu_init_sregs()
[10/18] KVM: selftests: Init IDT and exception handlers for all VMs/vCPUs on x86
[11/18] KVM: selftests: Map x86's exception_handlers at VM creation, not vCPU setup
[12/18] KVM: selftests: Allocate x86's GDT during VM creation
[13/18] KVM: selftests: Drop superfluous switch() on vm->mode in vcpu_init_sregs()
[14/18] KVM: selftests: Fold x86's descriptor tables helpers into vcpu_init_sregs()
[15/18] KVM: selftests: Allocate x86's TSS at VM creation
[16/18] KVM: selftests: Add macro for TSS selector, rename up code/data macros
[17/18] KVM: selftests: Init x86's segments during VM creation
[18/18] KVM: selftests: Drop @selector from segment helpers


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