Re: [ANNOUNCE] PUCK Notes - 2024.04.03 - TDX Upstreaming Strategy

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On Thu, 2024-04-11 at 08:26 -0700, Sean Christopherson wrote:
> On Thu, Apr 11, 2024, Xiaoyao Li wrote:
> > flexible (configurable) bits is known to VMM (KVM and userspace) because TDX
> > module has interface to report them. So we can treat a bit as fixed if it is
> > not reported in the flexible group. (of course the dynamic bits are special
> > and excluded.)
> Does that interface reported the fixed _values_?

So backing up a bit to the problem statement. I think there are two related
requirements. (please correct)

The first is a simple functional one. KVM is involved in virtualizing TD
behavior. If enables various logic based on its knowledge of a vCPU’s CPUID
state. Some of this logic is necessary for TDX. It can end up engaging logic for
at least:
TDX pieces need for some of these bits to get set in the vCPU or KVM’s part of
the necessary virtualization wont function.

The second issue is that userspace can’t know what CPUID values are configured
in the TD. In the existing API for normal guests, it knows because it tells the
guest what CPUID values to have. But for the TDX module that model is
complicated to fit into in its API where you tell it some things and it gives
you the resulting leaves. How to handle KVM_SET_CPUID kind of follows from this

One option is to demand the TDX module change to be able to efficiently wedge
into KVM’s exiting “tell” model. This looks like the metadata API to query the
fixed bits. Then userspace can know what bits it has to set, and call
KVM_SET_CPUID with them. I think it is still kind of awkward. "Tell me what you
want to hear?", "Ok here it is".

Another option would be to add TDX specific KVM APIs that work for the TDX
module's “ask” model, and meet the enumerated two goals. It could look something
1. KVM_TDX_GET_CONFIG_CPUID provides a list of directly configurable bits by
KVM. This is based on static data on what KVM supports, with sanity check of
TD_SYSINFO.CPUID_CONFIG[]. Bits that KVM doesn’t know about, but are returned as
configurable by TD_SYSINFO.CPUID_CONFIG[] are not exposed as configurable. (they
will be set to 1 by KVM, per the recommendation)
2. KVM_TDX_INIT_VM is passed userspaces choice of configurable bits, along with
XFAM and ATTRIBUTES as dedicated fields. They go into TDH.MNG.INIT.
3. KVM_TDX_INIT_VCPU_CPUID takes a list of CPUID leafs. It pulls the CPUID bits
actually configured in the TD for these leafs. They go into the struct kvm_vcpu,
and are also passed up to userspace so everyone knows what actually got

KVM_SET_CPUID is not used for TDX.

Then we get TDX module folks to commit to never breaking KVM/userspace that
follows this logic. One thing still missing is how to handle unknown future
leafs with fixed bits. If a future leaf is defined and gets fixed 1, QEMU
wouldn't know to query it. We might need to ask for some TDX module guarantees
around that. It might already be the expectation though, based on the
description of how to handle unknown configurable bits.

Xiaoyao, would it work for userspace?

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