Re: [PATCH v2 2/2] s390/mm: re-enable the shared zeropage for !PV and !skeys KVM guests

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On 11.04.24 14:33, Alexander Gordeev wrote:
On Wed, Mar 27, 2024 at 06:17:37PM +0100, David Hildenbrand wrote:
index 60950e7a25f5..1a71cb19c089 100644
--- a/arch/s390/include/asm/pgtable.h
+++ b/arch/s390/include/asm/pgtable.h
@@ -566,10 +566,19 @@ static inline pud_t set_pud_bit(pud_t pud, pgprot_t prot)
- * In the case that a guest uses storage keys
- * faults should no longer be backed by zero pages
+ * As soon as the guest uses storage keys or enables PV, we deduplicate all
+ * mapped shared zeropages and prevent new shared zeropages from getting
+ * mapped.
-#define mm_forbids_zeropage mm_has_pgste

Should it be the below insted?

#define mm_forbids_zeropage mm_forbids_zeropage

Once I add it, it fails to compile, due to the issue in patch #1.

I guess yes. So we tested the unsharing part (why I was seeing unsharing triggering), but would have allowed zeropages afterwards. Sight.

Let me retest and resend. Thanks!


David / dhildenb

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