Re: [PATCH 2/2] KVM: selftests: Add KVM/PV clock selftest to prove timer drift correction

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> AFAIR, I copied check_clocksource() from existing code during that >

> The commit e440c5f2e ("KVM: selftests: Generalize check_clocksource()
> from kvm_clock_test") has introduced sys_clocksource_is_tsc(). Later
> it is renamed to sys_clocksource_is_based_on_tsc().
> Any chance to re-use sys_clocksource_is_based_on_tsc()?

Yes I'm more than happy to change it to that. I was using your original
mail as a reference and did not realise there was a utility present for

> Is configure_scaled_tsc() anecessary? Or how about to make it an  >
> Then I will be able to test it on a VM/server without TSC scaling.

So if TSC scaling from 3GHz (host) -> 1.5GHz (guest) I do see a skew of
~3500ns after the update. Where as without scaling a delta can be seen
but is roughly ~180ns.

In V2 I've adjusted the test so that now by default scaling won't take
place, however if someone wants to test with it enabled they can pass
"-s/--scale-tsc" to induce the greater delta.

Thanks you for the feedback,
Jack Allister

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