Re: [kvmtool PATCH v2 00/10] More ISA extensions

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On Mon, 25 Mar 2024 21:01:31 +0530, Anup Patel wrote:
> This series adds support more ISA extensions namely: Zbc, scalar crypto,
> vector crypto, Zfh[min], Zihintntl, Zvfh[min], and Zfa. The series also
> adds a command-line option to disable SBI STA extension for Guest/VM.
> These patches can also be found in the riscv_more_exts_v2 branch at:
> [...]

Applied to kvmtool (master), thanks!

[01/10] Sync-up headers with Linux-6.8 for KVM RISC-V
[02/10] kvmtool: Fix absence of __packed definition
[03/10] riscv: Add Zbc extension support
[04/10] riscv: Add scalar crypto extensions support
[05/10] riscv: Add vector crypto extensions support
[06/10] riscv: Add Zfh[min] extensions support
[07/10] riscv: Add Zihintntl extension support
[08/10] riscv: Add Zvfh[min] extensions support
[09/10] riscv: Add Zfa extensiona support
[10/10] riscv: Allow disabling SBI STA extension for Guest


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