[kvm-unit-tests RFC PATCH 00/17] add shellcheck support

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I foolishly promised Andrew I would look into shellcheck, so here
it is.


This is on top of the "v8 migration, powerpc improvements" series. For
now the patches are a bit raw but it does get down to zero[*] shellcheck
warnings while still passing gitlab CI.

[*] Modulo the relatively few cases where they're disabled or

I'd like comments about what should be enabled and disabled? There are
quite a lot of options. Lots of changes don't fix real bugs AFAIKS, so
there's some taste involved.

Could possibly be a couple of bugs, including in s390x specific. Any
review of those to confirm or deny bug is appreciated. I haven't tried
to create reproducers for them.

I added a quick comment on each one whether it looks like a bug or
harmless but I'm not a bash guru so could easily be wrong. I would
possibly pull any real bug fixes to the front of the series and describe
them as proper fix patches, and leave the other style / non-bugfixes in
the brief format.  shellcheck has a very good wiki explaining each issue
so there is not much point in rehashing that in the changelog.

One big thing kept disabled for now is the double-quoting to prevent
globbing and splitting warning that is disabled. That touches a lot of
code and we're very inconsistent about quoting variables today, but it's
not completely trivial because there are quite a lot of places that does
rely on splitting for invoking commands with arguments. That would need
some rework to avoid sprinkling a lot of warning suppressions around.
Possibly consistently using arrays for argument lists would be the best


Nicholas Piggin (17):
  Add initial shellcheck checking
  shellcheck: Fix SC2223
  shellcheck: Fix SC2295
  shellcheck: Fix SC2094
  shellcheck: Fix SC2006
  shellcheck: Fix SC2155
  shellcheck: Fix SC2235
  shellcheck: Fix SC2119, SC2120
  shellcheck: Fix SC2143
  shellcheck: Fix SC2013
  shellcheck: Fix SC2145
  shellcheck: Fix SC2124
  shellcheck: Fix SC2294
  shellcheck: Fix SC2178
  shellcheck: Fix SC2048
  shellcheck: Fix SC2153
  shellcheck: Suppress various messages

 .shellcheckrc           | 32 +++++++++++++++++++++++++
 Makefile                |  4 ++++
 README.md               |  2 ++
 arm/efi/run             |  4 ++--
 riscv/efi/run           |  4 ++--
 run_tests.sh            | 11 +++++----
 s390x/run               |  8 +++----
 scripts/arch-run.bash   | 52 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++-------------
 scripts/common.bash     |  5 +++-
 scripts/mkstandalone.sh |  4 +++-
 scripts/runtime.bash    | 14 +++++++----
 scripts/s390x/func.bash |  2 +-
 12 files changed, 106 insertions(+), 36 deletions(-)
 create mode 100644 .shellcheckrc


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