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On Tue, Apr 2, 2024 at 12:08 PM Sean Christopherson <seanjc@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> We are planning on submitting a CFP to host a second annual KVM Microconference
> at Linux Plumbers Conference 2024 (  To help make
> our submission as strong as possible, please respond if you will likely attend,
> and/or have a potential topic that you would like to include in the proposal.
> The tentative submission is below.
> Note!  This is extremely time sensitive, as the deadline for submitting is
> April 4th (yeah, we completely missed the initial announcement).
> Sorry for the super short notice. :-(
> P.S. The Cc list is very ad hoc, please forward at will.
> ===================
> KVM Microconference
> ===================
> KVM (Kernel-based Virtual Machine) enables the use of hardware features to
> improve the efficiency, performance, and security of virtual machines (VMs)
> created and managed by userspace.  KVM was originally developed to accelerate
> VMs running a traditional kernel and operating system, in a world where the
> host kernel and userspace are part of the VM's trusted computing base (TCB).
> KVM has long since expanded to cover a wide (and growing) array of use cases,
> e.g. sandboxing untrusted workloads, deprivileging third party code, reducing
> the TCB of security sensitive workloads, etc.  The expectations placed on KVM
> have also matured accordingly, e.g. functionality that once was "good enough"
> no longer meets the needs and demands of KVM users.
> The KVM Microconference will focus on how to evolve KVM and adjacent subsystems
> in order to satisfy new and upcoming requirements.  Of particular interest is
> extending and enhancing guest_memfd, a guest-first memory API that was heavily
> discussed at the 2023 KVM Microconference, and merged in v6.8.
> Potential Topics:
>    - Removing guest memory from the host kernel's direct map[1]
>    - Mapping guest_memfd into host userspace[2]
>    - Hugepage support for guest_memfd[3]

I and Ackerley would like to discuss 1G page support with guest_memfd
and its implications on host MM and IOMMU implementation.


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