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Hi Sean,

We are planning on submitting a CFP to host a second annual KVM Microconference
at Linux Plumbers Conference 2024 (  To help make
our submission as strong as possible, please respond if you will likely attend,
and/or have a potential topic that you would like to include in the proposal.
The tentative submission is below.

Note!  This is extremely time sensitive, as the deadline for submitting is
April 4th (yeah, we completely missed the initial announcement).

Sorry for the super short notice. :-(

P.S. The Cc list is very ad hoc, please forward at will.

KVM Microconference

KVM (Kernel-based Virtual Machine) enables the use of hardware features to
improve the efficiency, performance, and security of virtual machines (VMs)
created and managed by userspace.  KVM was originally developed to accelerate
VMs running a traditional kernel and operating system, in a world where the
host kernel and userspace are part of the VM's trusted computing base (TCB).

KVM has long since expanded to cover a wide (and growing) array of use cases,
e.g. sandboxing untrusted workloads, deprivileging third party code, reducing
the TCB of security sensitive workloads, etc.  The expectations placed on KVM
have also matured accordingly, e.g. functionality that once was "good enough"
no longer meets the needs and demands of KVM users.

The KVM Microconference will focus on how to evolve KVM and adjacent subsystems
in order to satisfy new and upcoming requirements.  Of particular interest is
extending and enhancing guest_memfd, a guest-first memory API that was heavily
discussed at the 2023 KVM Microconference, and merged in v6.8.

Potential Topics:
    - Removing guest memory from the host kernel's direct map[1]
    - Mapping guest_memfd into host userspace[2]
    - Hugepage support for guest_memfd[3]
    - Eliminating "struct page" for guest_memfd
    - Passthrough/mediated PMU virtualization[4]
    - Pagetable-based Virtual Machine (PVM)[5]
    - Optimizing/hardening KVM usage of GUP[6][7]
    - Defining KVM requirements for hardware vendors
    - Utilizing "fault" injection to increase test coverage of edge cases

Want to discuss the 'guest_memfd support for mirror VM'.

For SEV SNP live migration support, migration helper would run as a mirror VM. The mirror VM would use the existing KVM API's to copy the KVM context and populate the NPT page tables at page fault time. For designing the guest_memfd API's for mirror VM, want to consider the post copy use case as well so that the copying of paged-in memory in mirror VM would have a separate memory view.

Would like to attend and discuss with the community suggestions on the mirror VM with guestmem_fd implementation ideas to cater the use-cases.



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