Re: [PATCH v12 12/29] KVM: SEV: Add KVM_SEV_SNP_LAUNCH_FINISH command

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On 3/29/24 23:58, Michael Roth wrote:

+		/* Handle boot vCPU first to ensure consistent measurement of initial state. */
+		if (!boot_vcpu_handled && vcpu->vcpu_id != 0)
+			continue;
+		if (boot_vcpu_handled && vcpu->vcpu_id == 0)
+			continue;

Why was this not necessary for KVM_SEV_LAUNCH_UPDATE_VMSA? Do we need it now?

+See SEV-SNP specification [snp-fw-abi]_ for SNP_LAUNCH_FINISH further details
+on launch finish input parameters.

See SNP_LAUNCH_FINISH in the SEV-SNP specification [snp-fw-abi]_ for further details on the input parameters in ``struct kvm_sev_snp_launch_finish``.


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