Re: [PATCH 01/22] virtio: store owner from modules with register_virtio_driver()

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On 29/03/2024 12:42, Stefano Garzarella wrote:
>> };
>> -int register_virtio_driver(struct virtio_driver *driver)
>> +int __register_virtio_driver(struct virtio_driver *driver, struct module *owner)
>> {
>> 	/* Catch this early. */
>> 	BUG_ON(driver->feature_table_size && !driver->feature_table);
>> 	driver->driver.bus = &virtio_bus;
>> +	driver->driver.owner = owner;
>> +
> ` =  KBUILD_MODNAME` also seems very common, should we put
> that in the macro as well?

This is a bit different thing. Every driver is expected to set owner to
itself (THIS_MODULE), but is every driver name KBUILD_MODNAME? Remember
that this overrides whatever driver actually put there.

Best regards,

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