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On 23.02.24 01:35, Matthew Wilcox wrote:
On Thu, Feb 22, 2024 at 03:43:56PM -0800, Elliot Berman wrote:
This creates the situation where access to successfully mmap()'d
memory might SIGBUS at page fault. There is precedence for
similar behavior in the kernel I believe, with MADV_HWPOISON and
the hugetlbfs cgroups controller, which could SIGBUS at page
fault time depending on the accounting limit.

I added a test: folio_mmapped() [1] which checks if there's a vma
covering the corresponding offset into the guest_memfd. I use this
test before trying to make page private to guest and I've been able to
ensure that userspace can't even mmap() private guest memory. If I try
to make memory private, I can test that it's not mmapped and not allow
memory to become private. In my testing so far, this is enough to
prevent SIGBUS from happening.

This test probably should be moved outside Gunyah specific code, and was
looking for maintainer to suggest the right home for it :)


You, um, might have wanted to send an email to linux-mm, not bury it in
the middle of a series of 35 patches?

So this isn't folio_mapped() because you're interested if anyone _could_
fault this page, not whether the folio is currently present in anyone's
page tables.

It's like walk_page_mapping() but with a trivial mm_walk_ops; not sure
it's worth the effort to use walk_page_mapping(), but I would defer to

First, I suspect we are not only concerned about current+future VMAs covering the page, we are also interested in any page pins that could have been derived from such a VMA?

Imagine user space mmap'ed the file, faulted in page, took a pin on the page using pin_user_pages() and friends, and then munmap()'ed the VMA.

You likely want to catch that as well and not allow a conversion to private?

[I assume you want to convert the page to private only if you hold all the folio references -- i.e., if the refcount of a small folio is 1]

Now, regarding the original question (disallow mapping the page), I see the following approaches:

1) SIGBUS during page fault. There are other cases that can trigger
   SIGBUS during page faults: hugetlb when we are out of free hugetlb
   pages, userfaultfd with UFFD_FEATURE_SIGBUS.

-> Simple and should get the job done.

2) folio_mmapped() + preventing new mmaps covering that folio

-> More complicated, requires an rmap walk on every conversion.

3) Disallow any mmaps of the file while any page is private

-> Likely not what you want.

Why was 1) abandoned? I looks a lot easier and harder to mess up. Why are you trying to avoid page faults? What's the use case?


David / dhildenb

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