KVM usb audio passthrough issue

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I am trying to setup a multiroom tuner. I am trying to accomplish this
with KVM.
The setup:
Linux mint 16 Mate 64bit as host.
I installed KVM and virt-manager by the default repositories.
The guest I am using : ubuntu 14.04 (1cpu and 1 gig ram)
Via virt-manager I have put my USB headset on the guest operating
This works, when I startup the guest I can see my Headset and I can play
music with VLC.
The sound however is with a lot of stuttering and crackling. How can I
solve this ?

I already tried with the CPU governor in Performance instead of
automatic on the host but no luck.
I must say when I updated my host OS and my guest OS it worked without
any issues. Except some stuttering when I opened a browser in the guest

My hardware:
Pentium E5800 dual-core @ 3.20GHz
3.9 gig RAM

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards,


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