Help Select The Right Hardware for a VM Ininiband Cluster

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Hello Everyone,

We are looking to assemble a VM cluster that uses the inifiniband interconnect
to work with RDMA. The two important issues that we would like some
clarity on are
stonith, and interconnect support.

In terms of STONITH, I know this can be supported using virt however,
is it possible to have the stonith device that is installed on the host passed
through to the VM?

In regards to our interconnect of choice, how well does KVM support a
Mellanox card through
the use of for example OFED? Also, how does VT-d, SR-I0V, fit in our model?

Also when selecting our hardware for such an architecture, can you
please let us know what
to keep in mind. What is important for the hardware to support  e.g.
(for devices).

I understand that this may be beyond the scope of a developer mailing
list, and I thank you for
any of your expertise.

Your Help is Greatly Appreciated,

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