NASA’s Kennedy Space Center Hosts an ‘Apollo — Then and Now’ Media Day

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  May 07, 2019 
NASA’s Kennedy Space Center Hosts an ‘Apollo — Then and Now’ Media Day
A 'Then and Now' Media Day event is at Kennedy Space Center on May 23.
Kennedy Space Center's Vehicle Assembly Building is one stop as part of an 'Apollo — Then and Now' Media Day event to be held at the Florida spaceport on May 23, 2019.
Credits: Photo credit: NASA/Bill White

Media are invited to NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida on Thursday, May 23, to hear about the historical significance of different areas around the spaceport and what the future holds for these areas. The daylong event will allow journalists working on Apollo 11 anniversary products to conduct interviews and record footage for their upcoming stories.

Below is the current plan for media opportunities; it is subject to change.

Crawler: The crawler project manager and driver will discuss the history of the crawler transporter and what the future holds for the vehicle.

Launch Team: The Exploration Mission-1 launch director will discuss what the launch teams and firing room looked like during Apollo and what her current team looks like today.

Vehicle Assembly Building: Experts will talk about the construction of the VAB, its use over the past 50 years and the plans for the future.

Launch Pad: The senior project manager that has overseen the transformation of Launch Pad 39B will be joined by an Apollo-era expert who still works at the pad today to talk about Launch Complex 39 and how it has changed over the years.

Recovery Operations: The Exploration Mission-1 landing and recovery director will discuss how recovery operations differ from Apollo to Orion. An Apollo-era recovery engineer who consults with the Orion recovery team will also be available for questions.

Lessons Learned: Find out why it is paramount that lessons — good and bad — learned from the Apollo Program help shape our plans to return humans to the Moon.

Returning to the Moon with Gateway: Learn about Kennedy’s efforts to return humans to the Moon as the logistics element project manager talks about the new lunar outpost.

All media interested in participating must apply so we have an accurate head count. Media accreditation deadlines are as follows:

International media without U.S. citizenship must apply by May 12.

U.S. media must apply by May 19.

All media accreditation requests should be submitted online at:


Press Contacts

Amanda Griffin
Kennedy Space Center, Florida


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