NASA Issues Notice for Kennedy Space Center Land Use

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  June 02, 2016 
NASA Issues Notice for Kennedy Space Center Land Use
Vehicle Assembly Building High Bay 2 at NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida
The Vehicle Assembly Building at NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida is a unique facility capable of stacking rockets as high as 450 feet tall using its 325-ton cranes.
Credits: NASA

NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida has released a notice of availability for undeveloped land to potentially support activities in launch operations and support, assembly, testing and processing of space systems, renewable energy, research and development, and vertical launch and landing. The announcement is part of Kennedy’s transformation to a multi-user spaceport based on effectively utilizing land assets identified in the center’s 20-year Master Plan.

“We look forward to new commercial partnerships as KSC supports emerging space markets. Making this land available is yet another step in our evolution as a diverse spaceport that supports NASA and the commercial space industry,” said Scott Colloredo, director of Kennedy’s Center Planning and Development.

The center has transformed from a government-focused launch base to a multi-user spaceport that can accommodate different vehicles, systems and commercial launch providers. Kennedy features a host of launch and processing facilities, a one-of-a-kind runway and laboratories suited to multiple requirements. The center is well-equipped to support the full spectrum of needs for space launch service companies.

The official announcement and additional details can be found at:

Kennedy’s Master Plan is available at:

For information on additional partnership opportunities at Kennedy, visit:


Mary Ann Chevalier/Tracy Young
Kennedy Space Center, Fla.

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