Nasa Invites Media To Status Updates On Future Human Spaceflight Programs

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June 24, 2013

Michael Curie
Kennedy Space Center, Fla.



WASHINGTON -- Two companies that share a commitment to teamwork, 
technical and managerial excellence, safety, and customer service 
have been selected to receive NASA's premier honor for quality and 
performance, the George M. Low Award.

NASA recognizes URS Federal Technical Services Inc. of Germantown, 
Md., in the large business award category and ATA Engineering Inc. of 
San Diego, Calif., in the small business award category.

"NASA's industry partners are crucial in our work to reach new 
destinations and expand our nation's capabilities, and we're happy to 
recognize these two companies with the high honor of the George M. 
Low Award," said NASA Administrator Charles Bolden. "Their success 
both in space and on the ground has demonstrated excellence and 
innovation that will help us reach our challenging goals and keep 
America the leader in space exploration."

URS Federal Technical Services Inc. is the institutional services 
contractor at NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida. With 1,100 
employees and subcontractors, the company maintains 1,250 facilities, 
roadways, railroad tracks and an airfield; provides utilities, indoor 
climate control, life support and propellant storage; conducts 
non-destructive evaluation; cleans, samples and calibrates 
components; and coordinates logistics.

Evaluators cited URS' automation initiative, which deployed tablet 
computers to employees to reduce their paperwork burden; its process 
for ensuring customer satisfaction; and the breadth of its safety 
program in an industrial environment with so many potential hazards. 

ATA Engineering Inc. supported development of the Mars Science 
Laboratory and its robotic rover, Curiosity, at NASA's Jet Propulsion 
Laboratory in Pasadena, Calif. With 93 employees, the company played 
a key role in the mission by conducting detailed mechanical 
simulation work to support spacecraft's challenging entry, descent 
and landing at Mars in August last year.

Evaluators cited ATA's problem-solving ability, demonstrated with the 
design of Curiosity's sampling scoop; its emphasis on contracting 
with small business and hiring young talent with high potential; and 
its strong culture of teamwork.

"I congratulate these companies for winning our premier award. It's 
our recognition for their management's leadership and employee 
commitment to the highest standards in performance," said Terrence 
Wilcutt, the agency's chief of safety and mission assurance. "For 
NASA to do the kind of things the country asks us to do in 
exploration, science, research, and technology development, we depend 
on our contractors to operate at an exemplary level. URS Federal 
Technical Services Inc. and ATA Engineering Inc. have set the example 
for all of us."

The Low award demonstrates the agency's commitment to promoting 
excellence and continual improvement by challenging NASA's contractor 
community to be a global benchmark of quality management practices.

The award was established in 1985 as NASA's Excellence Award for 
Quality and Productivity. It was renamed in 1990 in memory of George 
M. Low, an outstanding leader with a strong commitment to quality 
products and workforce during his 27-year tenure at the agency. Low 
was NASA's deputy administrator from 1969 to 1976 and a leader in the 
early development of space programs.

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