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Hi everyone,

My name is Paulo Almeida and as per the instructions listed on the KSPP
page, this is my self-introduction email :)

I will keep it short. 

- My background is in HPC and AI 
- I've been writing software for around 20 years now
- I've written my x86-64 hobbyist OS for fun and in my spare time I've
  writing a MOS 6502 emulator for the same reason.
- Contributing to KSPP is going to be a side project of mine that I plan
  to do outside of business hours... so expect a dedication of a few
  hours per week.

Q: What topics are you interested in?
A: kernel driver development, x86 & ARM hardware architecture, Math, Data
structures, Rust and virtualisation.

Q: What do you want to learn about?
A: I see the KSPP project/initiative as a way to get exposed to pieces
of code that I wouldn't normally come across which is always
appreciated :)

I am also aware of the calibre of developers I will be dealing with and
I'm sure that I will be learning really a lot from them :)

Q: What experience do you have with security, the kernel, programming, 
	or anything else you think is important.
I've contributed to the kernel a few times time in the past for both
adding features and janitorial tasks.

I took the Linux Kernel Internals (LF420) and the Linux Kernel Debugging
and Security (LF44) courses by the Linux Foundation.

As for other experiences, due to the fact that I wrote my hobbyist OS, I
do have a decent experience with the x86/x86-64 architecture. I also
spent quite sometime writing static analysis parsers.... so should those
experiences help anyone or any possible future plan for the KSPP, please
count on me.


Paulo Almeida

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