Mars Helicopter Takes Flight & More to Come

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Get students engaged in the history-making event and explore more upcoming events! 

Today, NASA made history with the first helicopter flight on Mars! (Watch the Ingenuity Mars helicopter's flight unfold in the video above, which was recorded by the Perseverance rover.) Students can "dare mighty things" right along with the engineers who made the flight a success. First, watch the student talk below to hear from NASA experts about what went into designing a helicopter for Mars, then explore related activities to get students engaged in their own engineering challenges and our ongoing exploration of Mars.

Plus, don't miss our upcoming events for educators and students. This month, hear more from the Mars helicopter team and discover how you can celebrate Earth Day with educational resources from NASA. In May, meet experts exploring planets beyond our solar system, and in June, learn how we study and track asteroids.

Talk for Students: Experts Discuss NASA's Mars Helicopter


Experts Discuss NASA's Mars Helicopter

Join NASA experts to learn about Ingenuity, the first helicopter to fly on Mars. We share what went into Ingenuity's historic first flight and how to follow along with resources from NASA.


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Upcoming Events

Public Event: Celebrate Earth Day With Education Resources From NASA

Public Event

April 22, All Day

Explore lessons and activities from NASA/JPL Edu to engage students in Earth Day on April 22.

Webinar: Taking Flight: How Girls Can Grow up to Be Engineers – Internships and Other Opportunities

Public Event

April 22 & April 29 at 1 p.m. PDT

Meet female engineers working on the Mars helicopter at NASA-JPL, who will explain how they got their start – and how you can, too.

Webinar: Teaching Space With NASA Live Stream – The Search for Exoplanets

Public Event

May 5 at 3 p.m. PDT

In this educational live stream, NASA experts will discuss how we look for planets outside of our solar system. Plus, we'll answer your questions!

Webinar: Teaching Space With NASA Live Stream – Tracking Asteroids

Public Event

June 9 at 3 p.m. PDT

In this educational live stream, NASA experts will discuss how we track and study comets and asteroids. Plus, we'll answer your questions!

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Live Streams: Teaching Space With NASA

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