irqbalancer subset policy and CPU lock up on storage controller.

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On Mon, Oct 12, 2015 at 09:41:18PM +0530, Kashyap Desai wrote:
><various bits snipped>
> In our case, <ignore> and <subset> policy does not work because
> <irqbalancer> is designed to consider NUMA node locality.  I read below
> article and Neil Horman explained default policy of <irqbalancer> will be
> moved to <ignore>
> <mpt3sas> driver follows same logic as ixgbe driver. We create multiple
> <msix> vector depending upon logical CPU and assign one <msix vector> to
> single <logical cpu>. We really do not wants those assignment to be Numa
> Node biased.
> What should be the solution if we really want to slow down IO submission
> to avoid CPU lockup. We don't want only one CPU to keep busy for
> completion.
> Any suggestion ?
Yup, file a bug with Oracle :)

What you're seeing looks like at least in part a bug with your (very old)
version of irqbalance.  I seem to recall fixing more than a few bugs dealing
with affinity masks from the hint files and banned_cpu options.  I strongly
suggest that you test with an upstream version of irqbalance and contact oracle
to update their version to something more recent.


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