irqbalance problem on Oracle X5-2

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Sorry about that, Neil.

I haven't specified any hint policy in IRQBALANCE_ARGS (for the daemon).

On Wed, Nov 18, 2015 at 6:36 AM, Neil Horman <nhorman at> wrote:
> On Fri, Nov 13, 2015 at 04:39:08PM -0500, Neil Horman wrote:
>> On Fri, Nov 13, 2015 at 01:39:20PM -0500, Mohsin Zaidi wrote:
>> > Thanks for your reply, Neil.
>> >
>> > Yes, when I manually set the irq affinity to avoid #18, it works.
>> >
>> > I just downloaded and applied the latest irqbalance code, but it's
>> > showing the same behavior.
>> >
>> What hint policy are you using?
>> Neil
> Ping, any response regarding hint policy?
> Neil

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